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Fineline Joinery Christchurch

Joinery of distinction, flair, and unrivalled quality.

Whether working alongside Christchurch’s leading designers and architects or directly with the client, Fine Line Joinery utilises first-class materials, the latest equipment, and unwavering attention to detail to produce exceptional joinery products.

From kitchens and bathrooms to bespoke units and stairs, joinery for laundries to custom-designed feature furniture, our work can be


seen in some of Christchurch’s finest homes, leading retail outlets and busiest commercial sites.

Forward thinking and innovative, dedicated to our craft and committed to delivering excellence for each and every one of our clients, Fine Line Joinery is Christchurch’s leading producer of outstanding joinery.

About Us

Our reputation and our success as joiners are intrinsically linked, and rely heavily on our continued commitment to the most exacting standards.

We’re constantly evolving as craftsman, willing to embrace new techniques, explore new trends and develop as the joinery industry changes and grows.

We’re renowned for working alongside Christchurch’s most esteemed designers, with our ability to bring to life complex plans and innovative visions setting us apart from our competitors.


The reason we’re so good at what we do? Passion. We take immense pride in the work we create, viewing every individualitem that leaves our premises as an expression of our skill and aptitude as joiners and artisans.

The ability to genuinely listen and understand exactly what our clients are trying to achieve means all our joinery is as functional, practical and durable as it is stunning in appearance, ensuring a long life and optimal value for money.

Kitchen Joinery

From classic designs which embody understated elegance and timeless appeal, to kitchens which inspire and invigorate – gleaming and shining, sparkling and dazzling – our kitchen joinery creations all share certain things in common – flawless attention to detail, materials of the highest quality, and workmanship which will exceed the expectations of even the most discerning client.

The kitchen is the central hub of any home. It must be enduring and functional whilst complementing the design elements and overall theme of the entire property.


For homeowners who expect the very best, there simply is no substitute for premium materials, luxurious fittings and hardware, and exceptional levels of craftsmanship.

Over the years we’ve developed a niche, focusing on creating the very finest bespoke kitchens and joinery units. We’re proud of our ability to make a designer’s vision come to life, utilising our years of industry experience, the latest tools and machinery, and an unyielding commitment to the most exacting standards to produce kitchens that are truly breath-taking.

Bathroom Joinery

Crisp and elegant, sumptuous and inviting – bathrooms are an area of the home which invite indulgent luxury, but at the same time are high-traffic areas where functionality and durability are critical.

Regardless of the size of the space our bathroom joinery is designed to enhance the comfort of this key area within the home, with innovative designs being employed to ensure the end product meets the individual needs of each client.


From opulent vanities to exquisite cabinetry, from sleek, contemporary designs to dignified, traditional creations, our bathroom joinery will complement the overall style of your home, provide practical lifestyle solutions and, of course, look spectacular!

When comfort and style, warmth and practicality are important, come and talk to us about creating stunning bathrooms for you home. 

Laundry Joinery

Truly exceptional homes are spectacular throughout, paying as much attention to the smaller details as they do to the larger features.

Laundries are an area often neglected, but an area that genuinely benefits from meticulous care and exacting standards. Durability is key, as is an adherence to the themes and styling created in the more prominent areas such as the kitchen.
Designing and manufacturing quality laundry areas involves creating a balance where stylish solutions are practical enough to withstand whatever the family can throw at them!

A beautiful laundry speaks of attention to detail and is representative of a home of genuine substance and quality.

A functional laundry purely and simply makes life that little bit easier!

When the two combine the outcome is, well, perfect.

Commercial Joinery

Quality commercial joinery is a fine balance between cutting edge design and comprehensive functionality.

Joinery must complement the brand and set the tone for the space, whilst at the same time being eminently durable and serving a genuine practical purpose.

The broadest range of resources and materials allows us to create unique and distinctive joinery solutions for you showroom, retail space or office area. From reception counters and display stands to shelving and storage units we can cater a solution that suits the unique requirements of your business.


Acutely aware of the importance of timeframes and deadlines our team pride themselves on their ability to deliver results that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, on time and within budget.

Our standards and our commitment to quality are non-negotiable and unrelenting, ensuring you’ll always end up with the finest product possible, while our hands-on expereince enables us to provide advice and offer solutions which complement and enhance your individual brand.


Get in touch with us to discuss your next joinery project.

Fineline Joinery

Address: 79 Thackeray St, Waltham, Christchurch 8023

Phone: 03 377 0122

Fax: 03 377 7040